Our Process

Our wall décor starts with a specific species of wood known as Florida Cypress wood. These green and rough sawn boards are purchased from a local saw mill. The boards are made into wood panels by planing and preparing the wood into a semi-smooth finish. After the panels are finished and cut to size, they become a sign blank.

The sign blank is further transformed by a process that literally burns the wood and creates a charring effect. This process is known as Shou Sugi Ban.This burning effect creates beautiful colors, textures, and grain patterns that can only be achieved by utilizing specialized torches and applying skilled techniques. Shou Sugi Ban carbonizes the wood's surface and creates an outer layer that further protects the wood against rot, insects, and moisture related decay.

After the finishing touches have been applied to the sign blank, beautiful designs and images will then be carved into the blank. The designs come from a variety of resources, whether created by Larry, other artist renderings, or specialized templates. They are first manipulated by a computer program and then finally transformed into a vector file. After the vector file is created, a CNC machine makes the initial cut and then the image is finished with a variety of hand tools.

After the blank is carved, it reveals a natural wood color against the rich blacks and umber color of the blank and becomes a beautiful decorative piece of art.

Our beautiful art pieces can be displayed both indoors as well as outdoors. Even though we spray a protective layer on the finished piece, the nature of this wood doesn't require any additional protection and will withstand all types of weather on its own. If the wood's carved portion (non-burned) is left untreated, the color may shift to a silvery gray color (after about a year or more) which will further enhance the beautiful contrast between the rich blacks and the silvery gray carved portion.

We add a protective spray for three reasons; first it allows you to handle the piece without the black (char) coming off onto your hands. Second, it keeps the fire charred odor to an almost non-existent state. Third, it maintains a pristine image and keeps the image always looking fresh.

The sign blank still has a minimal amount of moisture in it when we initiate the Shou Sugi Ban process. This expedited drying process will occasionally reveal natural wood imperfections such as knots, knot holes, or natural crevices. No two pieces are ever the same and are always unique to one another.

Not only will our images add life and creativity to any indoor setting, our images can also be displayed outdoors or even displayed in direct sunlight.